Week 10 Part A

 Email Marketing - Newsletters In general, conventions require a great deal of planning. Consequently, convention trends tend to evolve slowly. I feel like AES newsletters should be sent out quarterly.  Most conventions take 6-12 months for planning. Most event planners only handle 1-2 large events per year. Quarterly newsletters would have the best chance of reaching the appropriate audience with timely information; without being overwhelming. New technology features, rollouts, and updates of our service would be the most important things to highlight each quarter. Most technology releases and updates happen on about that timeline, so that would work very well. Even though that information would be the most important, it wouldn't necessarily be the most highlighted information. New and updated trends within the industry would be the most highlighted features. New technology is great, but showing how that new technology supports what the event planners are already working on would

Week 9 Part C

 Instagram Posts

Week 9 Part B

 Categories Breaking blogs and posts into categories is just as important as creating multiple pages on a website. Visitors should not have to read through everything that you post just to get to what they are interested in. Site navigation should be easy. Blog categories help make searching through your content easy. AES would have at least 3 categories of blog/vlog posts. The first would be testimonials. Personal reviews are incredibly important to customers. Commercials, ads, and influencers will get customers to your site, but personal stories make the sale. Customers love to read and see stories about other people like them using products. Individual users' stories make the process personal. The second would be instructional. Customers don't like being confused. Having easy to find instructional blog or vlog posts is essential to any tech business. Within this category would be subcategories for text / video / and audio instructions. Creating duplicate content in multiple

Week 9 Part A

 Adding a Personal Touch   People are scared of new things. People don’t like using products they don’t know or understand. Personal stories can be a great way to introduce people to new products by appealing to their emptions.   A “how-to” blog or vlog can introduce people to a new product. A “how-to” post can be even more effective by showcasing individuals that are also new to the product. Think of old infomercials. They would almost always have a host that was “inexperienced” with the product and a host that was the expert. The expert would show the “novice” how to use the product and it would appeal to the average person. Your blog can do the same.   Case studies can appeal directly to people, the more genuine the better. People like to read about real product experiences. People read reviews on Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and RateMyProfessors. Blogging can be an easy and curated way to provide your own reviews. Real customer reviews provided as blogs or vlogs can help inspir

Week 8 Part B

 My Instagram Hashtag Use I used Facebook Creator Studio to schedule my posts. It was surprisingly simple to setup and use. It is another easy way to schedule posts from your PC or Mac. I used several of the hashtags that I discovered in my research of other businesses. Often competitor research is a great way to figure out where you should start and then expand from there. I also utilized web searches for frequently used hashtags associated with my industry. Just be careful if you do that; the internet has a long memory, but old hashtags may be useless. Specifically I used #hybridevents, #virtualevents, #entertainment, #training, #conference, #convention, #tradeshow, #marketers. Theses are all fairly specific to my industry. I used a few on each post and varied them. My goal was to use different hashtags to try and drive traffic to my page. I didn't feel like I needed to overwhelm any one hashtag, but get the page out to several appropriate hashtags. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Week 8 Part A

 Comparative Instagram Hashtag Review IATSE 122 - iatse.122.official / iatse.122.yw IATSE 122 makes effective use of Instagram using two accounts for different demographics. The majority of their hashtags are related to unions, stagecraft, and labor (#unionstrong, #iatse, #solidarity, #behindthescenes). They have 1,012 followers for their official account and 479 followers for their young worker account; with only 420 members. They tend to post bi-weekly to each account with similar content. The last post was on 3/19/2021. Their best reacted to content tends to be videos of events and personal photos; the more candid the better. They do a good job getting responses getting approximately 1 like per 20 followers per post. The majority of responses are likes or views, they have few comments.  I would suggest having less structured content and more videos. Many of their most responded to posts are candid personal shots of members doing activities and events. Their videos tend to also draw

Week 7 Part B

  How Other Class Businesses Use Instagram I commented on: claresdigitalmarketing _sydneysapothecary_ flowersannettegomez thealibibrewingco wulv_media little_sweetheartsdaycare beautifulni_healthyni